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Presentation by CFCI (Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry


The Cambridge Design and Construction Awards were unveiled in a ceremony at St Catharine's College recently.  The awards are hosted by the Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry...

Further support for Arthur Rank Hospice

To support raising funds for Arthur Rank Hospice, collection bins were placed in the office for new/2nd hand good quality clothing and shoes.

Eileen Hughes from the Hospice collected the bins and thanked us for our con...

Apprentice team cracks spaghetti riddle!!!

Cambridge Indepentdent: March 15th

"Apprentices from Cambridge firms were treated to a visit to the new Cambridge Assessment site - the Triangle - and ten spent the rest of the day working out how to build a tower...

Newsletter January 2017

Cambridge e-Illuminate

From February 10th - 15th, Cambridge held its e-luminate festival. Various buildings were lit with spectacular displays of projected lighting.

Leading construction company Bouygues UK will be the title sponsor of the e...

Raising Funds for Headway Cambridgeshire

At the start of the Project we approached our neighbours and residents asking them to nominate a charity that we could work with during the project.   Following the nominations we decided to raise funds for Headway...